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Helen Gebhardt was a woman ahead of her time - she was defiant and stubborn, extremely independent and intelligent, renowned for her honesty and a true character. She was even the first woman to drive a car by herself from Adelaide to Sydney. When she set her mind to something, she did it. So in 1955, when, at the age of 50, she launched her real estate business in Mount Gambier, there were those that knew she meant business. However, as the lone female in the industry, she also had her fair share of knockers - “Miss Gebhardt you won’t last six months” was a common adage. She started business in a tiny room at the foot of the stairs of the Jens annexe with a second hand typewriter and a desk purchased in Adelaide. One year later as the business grew she moved to 18 Watson Terrace.

The extent of Miss Gebhardt’s generosity to local charities is not widely known, and she often took the cause to help many families from the European community who had moved to the area to enable them to purchase a home. Miss Gebhardt was dedicated to her business and still worked at the agency right up until she was 85 when ill health forced her to retire from the business.

In 1991, the Gebhardts team moved into a new office complex in Helen Street where the business has continued to grow from strength to strength. Today the agency is one of the largest, independent real estate firms in the South East and prides itself on its professional and friendly service. Ron Chuck commenced in 1969 and has grown the firm into what it is today. Ron's son, Paul, commenced as a salesperson in 1988 and is now Manager of Gebhardts Real Estate. Ben Jeffrey and Emily Rayner make up Gebhardts' Sales Team and assist in Gebhardts' continued success with their knowledge and expertise of all facets of Real Estate.

The rental office boasts an abundance of skill and knowledge in property management, commercial management and general real estate. Senior Property Manager Sharyn Ferguson has over 37 years experience in the real estate industry with the last 25 years in property management. Sharyn is extremely dedicated to excellence in managing your investment property and committed to providing the best service to you as a valued client.  Sharyn together with Property Managers Katie Rohrlach, Courtney Watson and Bernie Gaylard are well supported by Administration Assistant Milla and share the Gebhardts principles and philosophies of working together in a team approach to provide the highest standard of service to landlords and tenants alike.

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